Artificial intelligence in insurance — Trends that matter — Part 2 of 3

3 min readAug 28, 2020

The first part of this three part blog on Artificial Intelligence (AI) looked at: Behavioural premium pricing — the first of three key trends in Artificial Intelligence (AI) that insurers should bear in mind on their digital transformation journey. In this second part of the series, we will consider customer experience & coverage personalisation and see what importance it holds for the insurance industry.

Customer experience & coverage personalization:

The implementation of AI in insurance will enable customers to have a seamless and automated purchase experience. The ability of chatbots to access and use the location as well as social demographic data of customers during their interactions will give customers a highly personalised buying experience. The use of AI will also allow insurers to provide customers the option of personalised customisations for specific requirements (on-demand insurance).

AI interfaces enhance the buying experience for customers

The interfaces that characterise the use of AI in insurance ensure that the customer will have an enhanced insurance buying experience:

  • Recognition by chatbots: AI technology such as chatbots will be able to use advanced facial recognition and social data to identify the individual and be able to draw on available data to personalise the conversation accordingly.
  • Identity verification at platform level: The ability of AI technology to carry out identity verification speeds up the entire authentication process and that in turn, improves the normal turn-around-time that is necessary for quotations.
  • Insurers are able to provide customised coverage: The use of machine learning in insurance ensures that it allows the fully online or an app based shopping experience.

Utilising AI to redefine insurance

  • Insurance with a selfie. In January 2017, the world was surprised to learn that life insurance can be bought by using a selfie. As habits like smoking are strong indicators of a person’s lifespan, a life insurance start-up, Lapetus decided to use facial analysis to rapidly assign risk scores without a lengthy or onerous medical examination. The approach that they used is called SMILe (smoker indication and lifestyle estimation).
  • Personalisation through image recognition. Image recognition is also at the core of many insurtech start-ups. China’s insurtech startup Zhong An is the first online-only insurance provider. Since their inception in 2013, they have sold 7.2 billion insurance products to 429 million customers. Zhong An only meets customers online and they rely on machine learning to prevent fraud and ensure that customer services are personalised.
  • Successful e-commerce focuses on the customer. Inviting buyers to put together their own preferences for coverage of insurance from thirteen distinct business lines, Allianz provides a highly personalised insurance experience. The customers are in control of their insurance cover and are not forced to cover risks that are not applicable to them.
  • Most Insurtechs like chatbots. According to a survey conducted by Accenture, 68% of respondents in the insurance industry utilise chatbots in one or more of their business segments.
  • Chatbots thrive on branding and human names. Many chatbots are now famous and well known across industries. Some chatbots that are well known in insurance include Geico’s Kate and Lemonade’s AI Jim, who settles claims (Al Jim became even more famous by settling a claim in 3 seconds while a number one ranked insurer’s claims department took eleven days to settle the same claim) and Trov, who sells on-demand to individuals looking for personal property insurance coverage.

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