Cloud Migration — The Progressive Cloud

  1. The costs of implementation of a hybrid configuration must be estimated
  2. A strategic sequence for migrating applications and storage to the cloud needs to be devised.
  3. A dedicated unit must be set up to migrate applications and storage using agile practices and streamline operations with automated services.
  • Dependencies on other applications
  • Security controls required by the application
  • Services consumed by the application
  • Data required by the application
  • The underlying technology architecture
  • The effort needed to rewrite code, configurations and conduct testing
  • The costs of cloud-deployment options
  • The business risks of performing a migration
  1. The necessity of a cloud migration strategy
  1. Avoiding one giant leap
  1. Getting the cost estimate right
  1. Data security
  1. The importance of training employees on cloud solutions
  1. Prevention of cloud vendor lock-in




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