Enabling Digital Transformation via Low Code Platforms

88% of the companies among the Fortune 500 of 1955 don’t exist anymore. Businesses that don’t adopt to changing industry trends either get wiped out or struggle to keep pace with the competition.
In the era of digital transformation, market demand is growing faster than ever. Finding a balance between customer expectations and ITs capability to meet them is the key to success for most organizations.
In this blog, we will discuss how businesses are leveraging low code platforms to keep pace with the ever evolving digital landscape.
Speed of Delivery
As market conditions change ever so often, businesses need IT to deliver new applications and enhance existing applications quickly and efficiently.
Low Code Platforms enable IT teams to build software applications rapidly. With an extremely easy to use WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) interface builder, most of the redundant development tasks are either automated or could be done faster.
With a comprehensive resource library, most common development components for UI, Process, Data Models, Integration Connectors come pre-built within the platform. Developers can simply reuse these components while focussing on the larger business goals at hand.
It is practically impossible for traditional software development methods to match up with low code app development platforms.
Responding to Market Transformation
As markets transform, new entrants consistently disrupt the status quo. It is imperative for established players to be able to respond rapidly to market disruption.
GDPR disrupted development cycles for several large enterprises. As they had to change the way their applications stored, used and consumed customer data. Also, what happens to existing applications which form the backbone of your current operations?
Thankfully Low Code Application Platforms handle change management like no other. With a unified code base and reusable components library, businesses can adopt and implement changes as they happen.
The new generation of citizen developers
With easy-to-use tools like drag-and-drop builder and pre-built apps, development has never been easier. By enabling everybody to develop, low code application platforms spread the responsibility across the entire organization.
Citizen development scales down the time that drains in requirement gathering. When apps are developed by people who need them, communication gap is reduced manifold.
This doesnbt mean that low-code will make developers obsolete. Low-code can be the developerbs best friend if they learn what to do with it.
Closing thoughts
Consumers today are used to getting things done in a click. They overestimate the things your applications can do. Their needs keep changing with time. If you don’t meet their expectations, somebody else will. It is imperative to capitalize on opportunities which can position you as an early adopter of every change.
Embracing digital transformation is not a choice anymore. Low Code Development Platforms can make this journey way smoother than you would think.
Talk to our Low Code Experts to learn how we have helped several businesses accelerate their digital transformation journey.

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