Enhance Digital Experience Development through Low-Code Platforms

2 min readJan 31, 2022

A new buzz term in application development is “Digital Experience.” Though there is no official definition for this term, it is described in several ways. Gartner calls it “a composite and integrated set of technologies on which mobile apps, progressive web apps, portals, IoT apps, wearables, and websites can be built.” Forrester calls it “a software to deliver, manage, and improve digital user experiences consistently across all the phases of a customer life cycle.”

The crucial question is, “Can low-code platforms enhance digital experience development?”

Yes! They definitely can.

Let’s consider how low-code platforms can benefit enterprises in building superior digital experiences.

Low-Code Platforms — Enabling Superior Digital Experiences

Consider some top low-code use cases that apply across multiple industries.

1. Quick Application Development

Low-code platforms come with pre-built templates and reusable components that help build an app faster. With a visual interface to design, users can quickly use the drag-and-drop function to select the required templates and components to customize the applications.

2. Business Process Automation

Business processes in industries, such as banking and insurance, deal with repetitive tasks. Some tasks include customer service, form filling, data management, processing, and more. Such tasks make the process lengthy and expensive. Extra resources are also required to manage these tasks manually.

Low-code platforms empower banks and insurance companies to automate such repetitive tasks. Apps can be created with advanced capabilities to automatically answer general queries, process data from documents, store data digitally for future use, and more. With a similar quick approach to numerous manual tasks, the BFSI industry can build a personalized digital experience for its customers. They can retain loyal customers and also acquire new ones.

Neutrinos Low-Code Platform — Multi-Experience Development

Both rapid app development and business process automation enhance digital experiences. While low-code platforms offer exceptional advantages to enterprises, it is vital to choose the right one as not all platforms deliver the same capabilities.

Neutrinos Low-Code Multi-Experience Development Platform is one of the top low-code platforms globally. Neutrinos featured in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Multi-Experience Development Platforms and five separate 2021 Gartner Hype Cycle Reports.

The Neutrinos Platform offers 400+ connectors and APIs to seamlessly integrate custom-built apps with existing apps, systems, and software. The Platform also uses open-source architecture, making it a true “No Lock-In” platform.

Are you looking to build high-quality digital experiences for your customers? Let Neutrinos enable you to develop and deploy apps to create hyper-personalized digital customer experiences.

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