Gartner named Neutrinos as Global Vendor in Six Hype Cycle Reports

Six Hype Cycle Reports

Neutrinos were recognized by Gartner in its 2021 Hype Cycle™ Reports. Neutrinos featured as a sample vendor in six reports:

Neutrinos were named in the first five reports for its advanced Multi-Experience Development Platform, Front-End Development Tools, and Back-End for Front-End Pattern.

Neutrinos were named in the first five reports for its advanced Multi-Experience Development Platform, Front-End Development Tools, and Back-End for Front-End Pattern.

Neutrinos were named in the sixth report for its Intelligent Document Processing Capabilities in-built into its Low-Code, Multi-Experience Development Platform.

Find detailed information about each Hype Cycle™ Report below. If you prefer a summary, click here.

Gartner® Hype Cycle™ Report for Emerging Technologies and Trends Impact Radar: Enterprise Software, 2021

The 25 capabilities and technologies presented in this report enable enterprise software leaders to drive technology development and product delivery agility. Enterprise software is necessary as it is the catalyst for a composable enterprise. One such technology is Intelligent Document Processing.

Gartner named Neutrinos as one of the top 10 Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) vendors worldwide.

As organizations worldwide move towards high-value, cost-saving, and end-to-end document processing solutions, IDP will broaden its functionality and integration into various business processes. As per Emerging Technologies Venture Capital Growth Insights: Robotic Process Automation, Venture Capital (VC) Investment is now focused on companies offering complementary technologies to RPA. A significant complementary segment is Content Ingestion that includes IDP and OCR-based capabilities.

Neutrinos enable enterprises and developers to build IDP solutions through its low-code platform. Key IDP capabilities, such as Smart Capture, Recognition, Classification, Extraction, Validation, and Integration, transform unstructured data hidden in documents into structured and usable data. Enterprises can eliminate data entry errors and accelerate document processing time by 80% with AI-powered automation.

Neutrinos IDP increases business velocity with better visibility and accurate insights on enterprise data stored in documents. Industries heavily dependent on document-based processes, such as Banks, Insurance Companies, Financial Institutions, Government Agencies, Transport, Supply Chains, and many others, would benefit considerably from Neutrinos IDP.

Gartner® Hype Cycle™ Reports

Gartner® Hype Cycle™ Report for User Experience, 2021

The innovations presented in this report reflect the macro trends in UX across all industries in terms of platforms, methodologies, processes, collaborations, and adoption of Artificial Intelligence in Design and Development. UX is required to create high-quality digital products and services to drive measurable business and customer value.

Gartner® Hype Cycle™ Report for the Future of Applications, 2021

This report contains the central components for architecture, design, and delivery of future app experiences. Encompassing a wide range of innovations and new-age technologies, the future of apps should empower software leaders to adapt and respond faster to deliver on progressive business opportunities.

Gartner® Hype Cycle™ Report for Software Engineering, 2021

The practices and technologies presented in this report are helpful to software leaders to facilitate innovation and agility in their organizations. Software Engineering is important as it is an evolving discipline supporting digital businesses.

Gartner® Hype Cycle™ Report for Digital Government Technology, 2021

The platforms and technologies presented in this report empower government agencies to advance digital maturity and contribute to the organization’s objectives in the best way. It is vital as these technologies accelerate digital transformation in government agencies.

Gartner® Hype Cycle™ Report for Consumer Engagement with Healthcare and Wellness, 2021

The technologies and related ideas tracked in this report would create the greatest impact on healthcare and wellness engagement. It provides a holistic view of consumer engagement helpful to healthcare and life sciences CIOs to make strategic technology decisions.

The Impact of Multi-Experience Development Platforms

Gartner states that Multi-Experience Development Platforms enable scalable and distributed development both in architecture and teams of fit-for-purpose applications across all digital touchpoints and modalities.

Out of hundreds of MXDP providers worldwide, Gartner picked Neutrinos as one of the top 13 sample vendors for Multi-Experience Development Platforms.

Multi-Experience Development Platforms are essential as they unify front-end app development activities across heterogeneous types of applications. It enables seamless, enjoyable, and persistent User Experience (UX) across all these applications. MXDPs accelerate development velocity and maximum reuse.

According to Gartner, MXDPs have a major impact on businesses across all industries. MXDPs help to:

About Neutrinos

Gartner named Neutrinos in the 2021 Magic Quadrant for Multi-Experience Development Platforms for its innovation and contribution towards advanced integration capabilities and open-source architecture. Open-source architecture prevents platform lock-in, and superior integration capabilities enable app deployment in multiple platforms and channels.

Neutrinos is ISO/IEC 27001 certified for assured data security. Neutrinos featured in CIO Review India Magazine under 10 Most Promising Insurance Technology Solution Providers in 2021.

Neutrinos offer a Low-Code, Multi-Experience Platform with advanced AI and related capabilities. IDP capabilities are built into the Neutrinos Platform. Business Users, Professional Developers, and Citizen Developers can quickly build mobile apps, progressive web apps, IoT apps, wearables, and digital twins on the platform. Enterprises can custom-build apps with IDP capabilities to meet business needs.

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