How insurers can deliver better customer experiences

How insurers can deliver better customer experiences

Offering top-notch customer experience is no longer just about offering the right kind of service at the right time. So, how do insurers deliver better customer experience? They need to constantly think on their feet, come up with innovative solutions and stay ahead in the game by offering streamlined & seamless experiences across the journey for the customer. It is incumbent on the management to initiate the shift and equip the insurers with the necessary tools to achieve their goals.

“Today’s consumers do not buy just products or services — more and more, their purchase decisions revolve around buying into an idea and an experience.” [McKinsey]

Transforming the customer experience in insurance

Today’s market has empowered the customers who demand nothing short of the best customer experience across the journey. In order to achieve this, insurance companies and insurers need to embrace digital transformations to offer a comprehensive approach to their customers.

A successful approach that ensures the finest customer experience has four elements,



Change begins with redefining business goals right on top, by the senior leaders/management. Organizations that are customer focussed need to change their business model and operational systems as well to ensure that goals are met. This will help improve insurance product sales, cross selling/up selling opportunities and better customer satisfaction levels. In turn, insurers need to be rewarded and the required training provided to help them adapt to the changing environment.


Developing insights into customer lifestyle and linking that to insurance operations is how insurers can ensure enhanced customer experience. Putting in place customer centric processes are the best way to achieve efficiency and for insurers to offer well-informed suggestions to customers, and to constantly innovate on products and services.

Telematics is a tool that allows insurers to obtain real time data from customers, identify key differentiating areas and offer solutions to customers based on the same. This gives them additional points when it comes to premium pricing which translates to customer experience.


Once insights are gathered, improvements need to be made to redesign the customer journey from path to purchase using the various digital tools available.

It is good to specify the “wow” moments and “pain” points when incorporating Artificial Intelligence [AI], Robotic Process Automation [RPA] and other Internet Of Things [IOT] related solutions into the system. The need for chatbot & virtual assistants to resolve queries and offer inputs instantly is crucial. Since the insurance industry relies heavily on data, it would be helpful to know how to utilize predictive analysis to help convert the data into solutions.


Sustained improvements are possible only if the entire organisation is aligned around the effort and the solutions implemented rapidly. McKinsey has in fact done some research in this space and listed down five best practices for achieving high levels of customer experience.

Essentially insurers need to shift their focus from products to the customer, and work with the tools available to create an ecosystem that leads to a win-win situation for them as well as for the customers. The need to understand how one strategic shift can lead to a cascade of potential benefits is what matters.

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