How Low-Code Platforms Enhance Enterprise App Development

3 min readOct 20, 2021

In this digital era, a complete assortment of enterprise applications is required to manage and support internal functions. Business leaders are looking at different types of development to create enterprise apps. Businesses can function better, improve efficiency, reduce manual work, process data, and increase speed overall only with the right digital tools.

One such tool that is quite successful, especially after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, is the Enterprise Low-Code Platform. What is it? Why is it so successful?

Major Obstacles during the Digital Transformation Journey

Most enterprises across the globe have started their digital transformation journey. But, they have multiple challenges that could prove to be obstacles to that journey. Some of these challenges are:

  1. Legacy Systems: Though modernizing legacy systems is the first step towards digital transformation, many businesses find the whole process expensive and destructive.
  2. Budget: Organizations and internal departments often find that their budget is insufficient to purchase the required applications or to employ professionals to build the right tools.
  3. Skills: Non-technical business owners do not have the necessary experience or knowledge to code and build apps for day-to-day processes or workflows.
  4. Bandwidth: IT departments and developers are overwhelmed with existing work and cannot meet internal demands for customized apps.

As a result of such challenges, enterprises are looking for a solution that can meet all these challenges successfully. The answer to these challenges is Low-Code App Development.”

Low-Code Application Development

Low-code development is the modern method to develop software and applications. As the name suggests, it means limited coding. In traditional software development, professional developers should know complex coding to create apps. But low code enables minimal coding due to the presence of pre-built templates and reusable components.

Low-code development does not require professional developing skills. Business users and employees can build low-code apps. Low-code platforms empower citizen developers, thus reducing the burden of IT departments. Building apps on low-code platforms is far less expensive and more rapid compared to traditional development.

Low-code platforms also make the migration process from legacy systems to advanced platforms easy and seamless. Low-code platforms help enterprises meet all the four main challenges successfully that appear during the digital transformation process.

Enterprise Low-Code Platforms

Enterprise applications are software or apps created for large organizations to execute core functions, such as Business Intelligence, Sales, Marketing, Customer Support, or Supply Chain. The software creates a vast enterprise system by integrating or interacting with other enterprise applications.

An enterprise-grade application is designed to work for organizations with hundreds and thousands of employees, such as Banks, Insurance Companies, Supply Chains, Financial Institutions, Retail, Transportation, and Government Agencies. Enterprise-grade apps prove to be scalable, secure, and comprehensive solutions for such organizations.

How Low-Code Enhances Enterprise App Development

  • Accelerates digital transformation and innovation
  • Speeds up app development and time-to-market
  • Reduces shadow IT and IT backlogs
  • Empowers citizen developers with basic coding knowledge
  • Personalizes customer experiences and satisfaction
  • Ensures business agility and scalability
  • Lowers development costs
  • Improves and streamlines internal processes

Neutrinos Low-Code MXDP Platform — Enterprise-Grade Applications

Neutrinos, a low-code, multi-experience development platform, enables organizations and business users to design, develop, and deploy enterprise-grade apps at the speed of thought. The Neutrinos Studio helps anyone to create an app easily with a drag-and-drop feature on a visual interface. The “Neutrinos Store” houses numerous reusable components, pre-built templates, and connectors to quickly create new apps and integrate them into existing systems and software.

Find more information on low-code platforms and app development here.

Neutrinos featured in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Multi-Experience Development Platforms. Read more here.

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