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Tech Bytes is a new blog series which will provide regular updates from our labs and developer community.

In today’s post we will focus on the latest additions to the Neutrinos Platform and how you could leverage them for your respective app development projects.

1. Cloud Agnostic

Neutrinos is an Application Development Platform which is also offered as a service or aPaaS or hpaPaaS as its popularly known. To realize this vision, it is imperative that we are able to deploy it across multiple clouds regardless of the technology or infrastructure used underneath.

Neutrinos aPaaS can now be deployed on any cloud. We have integrated with Google Cloud Platform(GCP) as a default option available on the platform, while integrations with Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure are left to the choice of customers. We are in process of testing it on other cloud platforms such as VMWare, IBM, etc.

What this means for customers is that they need not worry about where their Apps reside, elasticity of the apps, provisioning headaches, dependent libraries, cloud platform security, etc. Developers need to ensure only security of their specific applications and leave the rest to the cloud service provider.

Given, enterprises deploy 100s of applications spread across various businesses, these applications could reside on multiple cloud environments, while the experience is seamless from the end-users point of view.

This is a big deal, as it removes the hurdles created by cloud dependent aPaaS platforms, pushing us further ahead in the hpaPaaS space.

2. Bi-Modal — Low-Code/ No-Code

From the Developers point of view, Neutrinos serves two purposes. One being of a pure developer who loves coding using multiple languages and the other being a developer who prefers visual development.

Neutrinos serves both these purposes. It provides developers with a platform to develop using AngularJS, NodeJS or other web technologies. It also provides developers to visually develop apps by leveraging pre-built interfaces for UX, Data, Process, Integration, etc.

Depending on the type of App either one or both methods can be used for optimal efficiency in terms of time, effort and cost.

3. Serverless Computing and Containerization

The world is moving towards serverless computing and containerization where they can load and utilize infrastructure resources on-demand without having the need to purchase pre-defined blocks of server resources or virtual machines.

Neutrinos Platform makes the most of such cloud deployments where depending on the load and resources required, the apps can request resources from the cloud provider without the need to load the complete virtual machine.

Containers Virtualize the Software Operating System so that multiple workloads/apps can run on a Single OS instance.

A Container is a Linux based application that is used to isolate a service and its dependencies into a self-containing unit capable of running in any environment. Containers provide hardware virtualization as well as Operating System level virtualization. Each container has its own space for processing, execution, file system, and network interface. Unlike VMs, containers share the hosts OS with other containers. Each container comes with its own user space to enable multiple containers to run in single host.

Since the OS is shared across all containers, the components that developers have to write from scratch are binaries and libraries which can be easily added by Docker image and developers only need to write their application code. These containers sit on top of Docker Engine which in turn sits on top of the Operating System.

This is extremely useful capability for deploying apps that have varied seasonal demand. For example, an ecommerce store would require humungous processing power during the Christmas period as opposed to post Christmas period. Neutrinos enables you to design apps which can auto scale depending on the demand.

Also the workloads/ apps can use multiple container implementations. For example, one app can utilize one container, multiple apps can utilize one container, or multiple apps can utilize multiple containers. Depending the demand of business, the platform can adjust scale as well as performance.

Serverless Architecture allows you to write code, set some simple config parameters and then upload the package (Microservices or Functions) onto a cloud based server that’s owned and managed by a third party. You might have heard the names of GCP App Engine or Google Functions or Microsoft Functions or AWS Lambda.

Serverless Architecture doesn’t necessarily mean no-server, the terms serverless describes the way organizations outsource their servers instead of owning and maintaining their own. They opt to leverage external cloud based servers managed by external vendors like Microsoft, Amazon and Google.

4. One Click Deployment

Neutrinos is an App Development Platform which allows developers to build hybrid apps that can be deployed as web apps and mobile apps. Deploying these apps involves various steps that include checking for the web server, authentication, web deployment, mobile deployment, etc.

With Neutrinos One Click Deployment developers can do away with redundant deployment processes. With one click the apps are ready to use over web, play store as well as app store by leveraging Serverless computing platforms like GCP App Engine, AWS Lambda or Microsoft Functions.

Summing it up,

All the above capabilities are being actively used by our customers as well individual developer community members. In the coming weeks we will focus on enhancing Neutrinos Marketplace, Cordova Plugins, IDS and Knowledge Center.
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