Neutrinos — The App Development Platform For The Modern Enterprise

Welcome to a world where rapid is obsolete.
Enterprises today are looking at investing in modern technology which can help them in executing strategic programs at the speed of thought. Gone are the days when building enterprise applications took months, sometimes even years. In todaybs fast paced world, businesses expect IT programs to be executed in matter of weeks, sometimes even days.
Welcome to Neutrinos — The App Development Platform For The Modern Enterprise
Neutrinos is a new-age Application Development Platform which thrives on speed. Neutrinos empowers Business and IT teams to collaboratively develop enterprise-grade applications in record time. The platform is built with a vision to democratize innovation in application development.
So, How Do We Do This?
Before we get down to the capabilities of the platform, let’s take a deeper look at what Rapid Application Developmentor RAD really is.
Rapid Application Development as a concept was born out of frustration with the age-old waterfall method of software development. Businesses ended up with outdated applications by the time projects were rolled out.
Rapid Application Development a.k.a. RAD is an innovative way to develop applications through several cycles of prototyping, development and testing in real time. All the components required to build an app are modularized and made available via a visual app builder environment. Hand coding is reduced to a bare minimum so as to make the most of the skills and time available.
The Neutrinos Advantage
Neutrinos has been built ground-up to address every aspect of enterprise application development.
What do we need to build an enterprise-grade app?
The core elements one would require to build an enterprise-grade app would be -A User Experience Builder, Data Modeler, Business Process Manager, Rules Engine, Integration Connectors, Reusable Components and Analytics. These form the foundation of any enterprise application. The Neutrinos Platform has componentized these elements into an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) which forms a cohesive environment to build any type of business application.
Here is an illustration which highlights the key capabilities which makes App Development easy and fast.

Visual Development
The IDE provides a drag-and-drop designer with access to all elements like data models, user interface, external systems, devices, etc. Business and IT teams can focus on innovation while optimizing redundant tasks.

Built for Business Teams
In the journey from Requirements Gathering to Development and finally, Release — valid essentials of the application are most often lost in transition. Neutrinos is built with business users in mind, so there are minimum iterations at the end of the development cycle.

Instant Prototyping and Feedback
In the rapid development and validation environment, prototyping addresses feedback loops better thereby drastically impacting the total development time span.

Continuous Improvement
Continuously Run, Test and Improve applications in real-time.

Unique Capabilities

Cloud First
Build multi-tenant applications which can scale to 1000s of tenants with ease.

AI and Cognitive Intelligence
Build Intelligent applications which readily integrate with platforms like IBM Watson, Alexa, etc.

Develop Mobile Apps which work seamlessly across devices and platforms.

The Bottomline
The Application Development Platform space is thriving with new entrants and veterans claiming to do it all. What has worked for others may or may not work for you. The best way to evaluate a RAD Platform is to experience it yourself.Test Drive Neutrinos Today!

Experience Neutrinos today!



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