Top 3 Reasons Why Businesses Should Go For Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps (PWA), introduced by Google in 2015, offers the best of both mobile and web experiences. Though popular from the start, the COVID-19 pandemic made PWAs more beneficial. As the pandemic lingers even in 2021, most business owners, especially retailers and merchants, find PWAs an imperative investment to grow their business.

PWAs are not just helpful for the e-commerce industry as even enterprises, such as news media, hotels, fashion houses, trip planners, and online booking, can also benefit significantly from these progressive apps. Right now, PWA is the most talked-about technology shift on the web as it has made the dream of installing web apps on mobile come true.

In this article, we will discuss PWAs and the top reasons why businesses should opt for them.

Progressive Web Apps — Features

Progressive web apps combine features and benefits of native mobile apps and web pages as they provide the same experience as a webpage but on a mobile phone. PWAs enhance the online mobile experience and provide information with better speed, reliability, and security. PWA technology consists of standard web technologies, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript frameworks.

The main features of a progressive web app are:

Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Go For Progressive Web Apps

Users do not have to download PWAs as they can access them through URLs. PWAs load faster and even work well with an unstable network connection. Users can access PWAs on their mobile phones as they work on any device.

Users can effortlessly find PWAs on the web as SEO search engines identify and categorize them easily, leading to easy discoverability. Companies can increase their brand value and drive more traffic through PWAs.

2.Enhanced User Experienced

PWAs allow users to start using the apps immediately as they find them without downloading them. As PWAs work on multiple platforms, browsers, and operating systems, companies can customize their products and services for customers on all channels.

Customers are more inclined to use quick and user-friendly PWAS rather than slow and time-consuming native apps. Better user engagement with personalized services leads to a better experience and more customers.

3.Low Development Costs

Progressive web apps are less expensive to develop and are cost-effective as they can operate across multiple OS and platforms. PWAs are easy and quick to build using one codebase that would work on any device and any OS.

They require less time and lesser budget development and maintenance. Only one development team is needed to launch and maintain PWAs across multiple platforms. PWAs reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) for businesses.

Progressive Web Apps — Who Need Them

PWAs are beneficial for those who:

Progressive Web Apps — How Neutrinos Can Help Your Business

Neutrinos provide a low-code, multi-experience development platform for web apps development and deployment. With Neutrinos, you can build PWA apps with minimal coding and 20X faster.

Develop a low-code app and convert it to a progressive web app through a toggle button. You can also enable push notifications on your low-code PWA for enhanced user experience and engagement.

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