Top reasons to migrate Lotus Notes apps to Low-Code/MXDP

3 min readOct 20, 2020


How many Lotus Notes applications are used in your organization? Do you know the cost impact of these applications on your business? If these two questions made you think, then it is time to migrate from Lotus Notes to another platform that will prove fruitful for your business.

There is also a growing need for mobile apps, which has led to a situation where the taskforce needs to be better utilised, and systems need to move from code heavy processes to low-code. To address this very challenge, quite a few organizations are evaluating low-code application development solutions. The only challenge ahead is how to complete a successful migration to user-friendly and cloud-read applications that customers will love.

We, at Neutrinos, help companies migrate to low-code and ensure our clients maintain the fast pace of development and leverage the collective power of Cloud, Modern Service-based architectures, Mobile, Web and Social media, that is subsequently distributed to their customers.

Few reasons why low-code/MXDP is the best solution out there,

Visual Modelling

Low-code platforms/MXDP feature a simple modelling interface with tools like drag-and-drop designer. The interface makes it extremely easy to build complex UIs. The platform also allows you to create extensions and widget libraries using JS, HTML and Node.js, etc.

Mobile & Cloud Ready

Applications built on low-code platforms automatically get optimized on all devices automatically. These mobile-first applications do not require the developer to write and maintain different code bases for different devices. Applications are multi-tenant and can reside on any type of cloud infrastructure.

Application Life-cycle Management

Application lifecycle management [ALM] is comprehensive management of requirement gathering specifications, design, development and testing. ALM supervises the applications, track changes from the initial planning to its retirement.

Real-time Analytics

Both MXDP and Low code platforms leverage multiple data streams from various devices, applications and websites to facilitate monitoring, analysis and reporting. Each and every component of the application is monitored for further analysis and reporting.

Highlights of the Neutrinos Low-code/MXDP Solutions

Neutrinos has an open architecture platform, allows full access to code and an experienced team ready and willing to help customers get onboard and move ahead on their journey. We will hand hold you till the entire migration process is complete and glitches, if any ironed out.

Our drag-and-drop, low code, one-click deployment, the ability to integrate easily with new-age innovative technologies such as AI and VR. With multi-experience development platforms, the possibilities are endless. These are just a few among the many reasons behind why industry leaders have leveraged low-code/MXDPs to power their digital transformation journey.

Are you looking at making the switch from Lotus notes to Low code but unsure where to begin? Well, reach out to us and we will take you through…