What’s in it for a Developer? Benefits of Adopting Low Code

What’s the biggest challenge that a business faces when it comes to developing applications? The response will differ based on the industry, but primarily it will fall under one of two categories — speed/time or resources.

Customers today look for solutions that have the shortest turnaround time. With technology growing at the pace it is, this has become quite critical for businesses. But the application development team is sometimes bogged down with requests, which prevents applications from being rolled out on time.

With growing demands, organizations are compelled to hire more resources. However, as the talent pool is limited, they are forced to make do with what is available. This, in turn, affects the development process and it snowballs from there.

One thing that can transform the scenario is to adopt a low-code development platform like Neutrinos. Low-code BPM is a great solution when it comes to accelerating the development process and keeping pace with the new demands and growth. It also allows companies to take on more customers and deliver on time.

How developers can benefit from adopting low code Work more while having fun

Thanks to low code, developers are not stuck working on one project endlessly. They can work on multiple projects without spreading themselves thin. This saves money not only for the company but also for the developers. Further, low code is all about transparency. Developers and customers can see what is going on at every stage. It allows everyone involved to evaluate, assess, and work from there onward.

Minimal code translates to fewer bugs. When working with code, you are bound to see errors along the way. But when you switch to low code, the chances of encountering bugs are far reduced. So less time is spent in troubleshooting and fixing bugs. This frees up time for developers, who can continue working on apps and have them tested at the same time, sorting out hiccups with barely any time lost.

Show them what it’s like

Low-code application development platforms use a visual approach. This makes it easier for developers to show customers how the process flows and what the actual app will look like. They won’t have to take clients through reams of code that may not make much sense. With low code, developers simply show a visual representation of how the code will appear in the final product. This gives customers a better understanding of what’s going on and what to expect, so they can make any changes then and there.

Low code is here to stay, so developers should get on board at the earliest. This Rapid Application Development (RAD) platform allows developers to leverage innovative technologies and enjoy the greater accessibility that comes with it. They will not only become experts in using the technology but will also facilitate business growth.

What is a low code development platform?

According to Forrester Research, “A low-code development platform is one that enables fast application development and delivery, with a minimum of hand-coding.” That’s reason enough to jump on the bandwagon!

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