Why Businesses Require a Low-Code Strategy

3 min readJul 5, 2021
Low Code for Business

Previously in software development, highly efficient tools were available and limited to a selected few, such as expert developers and large organizations. The emergence of low-code platforms has shifted this power balance. Though low-code does not replace the traditional software building work completely, it does widen the access spectrum of software development to small-medium businesses and citizen developers.

Business challenges and problems vary in size and urgency across different layers in an organization. Some companies could handle them internally, whereas others would look for professional outsourced help. Complex solutions, such as advanced apps and automation tools, would always be under the control of experts in software engineering and IT.

But low-code app development, the future of software development, ushers in a new future of work. Business owners and citizen developers can build apps freeing the IT teams to focus on more strategic ideas and tasks. Thus with low-code platforms, companies can face existing challenges and maintain their businesses in a competitive market.

Low Code Picked up the Pace during the Pandemic

Though companies were adopting low code before the pandemic, it was a slow path. The COVID-19 pandemic hastened the pace as it wore out the traditional systems. Suddenly the world realized that the problems outpaced the solutions, and organizations all over the world were scrambling for solutions or tools to meet these problems. Low-code solutions played an important role in facing these challenges, and soon companies started to adopt low-code solutions.

Though the pandemic accelerated the use of low-code platforms, business owners should view low code as a long-term strategy rather than a temporary solution.

Gartner predicts that by 2024, around 66% of large companies will use at least four low-code platforms.

This shows that low code is here to stay and expand globally. That’s why enterprises need to plan their business strategies around low-code app development.

Low Code Empowers Enterprises to Identify and Solve Business Problems

Previously low-code solutions were divided across technologies, leaders, and departments. The IT department took on software development but never had enough developers to act upon all the business ideas sourced across the organization.

Low code changed that for the better. Now, business owners can build apps with low-code platforms and act upon different plans and strategies without needing the IT department to solve all problems. Low Code achieves two main things in an organization.

  1. The IT department can focus on issues and challenges that require expertise
  2. Employees within a department can solve problems pertaining to their department

Both of these solutions are highly beneficial to a company and help to propel the business forward. IT department does not have to deal with low-level work while other business users can access advanced, high-level solutions. Most employees in any company are willing to learn or update their skills if given an opportunity. Low Code gives that opportunity to employees with basic IT skills to build apps and enhance their skills.

Low-Code Strategy — A Must for Businesses

Companies using low-code solutions and enabling citizen developers among their employees can securely scale and distribute solutions across multiple departments and sometimes even the whole organization. Companies can become more competitive, and employees can become more creative by adopting low code. Business leaders can implement governance regulations so that app-building would be scalable, uniform, and beneficial.

Low-code is indeed the future of software development. At Neutrinos, we provide an advanced low-code app development platform to enable companies to build and scale progressive mobile and web apps. You can design and deploy business apps to boost productivity, enhance customer experience, and embrace digital transformation completely.

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