Why choose low code development platforms?

If you were to pay attention to the writing on the wall, you would see it is all about low-code development platforms. This approach has made life simple by eliminating complicated processes and it has become the new buzzword across markets. Considering people want things done and closed out in the shortest possible time, low code seems to be the path of the future.


Low code is a visual approach to application development that is fast and doesn’t involve a million lines of code for each process. Imagine a flowchart or an infographic; all you need is one look to understand the entire thing, right? Through low-code BPM, developers can use different elements to create web- or mobile-based applications. This makes the user interface that much more easy to understand and follow.

Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms 2019 report says: ‘The enterprise LCAP [low-code application platform] market is growing strongly due to continued demand for applications and a shortage of skilled developers.’ Gartner also states that LCAP will account for nearly 65% of all application development activities.

This is where Neutrinos is making a splash, getting people to notice and stay tuned.

4 Key Advantages of Neutrinos’ Low-Code Development Platform

Neutrinos helps everyone design and build apps, no matter what their background is. The challenge is to keep up with the times and eliminate any time lapses that might have occurred earlier.

  1. Counting the minutes

You have to admit it; the only reason anyone is willing to try something new is if it’s going to save them considerable time. Neutrinos’ low-code development platform is the perfect solution, as each application is ready to go live with few to no glitches, irrespective of who is creating them.

RAD platforms are great at reducing the time taken for an application to hit the floor. Skeptical? Take a look at Neutrinos studio. You can execute pretty much any task using this feature, but if you are familiar with the best practices of the business, it makes things that much easier. Whether it’s a seasoned developer doing the coding or a layman, it doesn’t take as much time as traditional hand-coding.

Unlike the traditional programmers breaking their heads, the low-code development platform automates almost all procedures. The drag-and-drop feature allows users to create virtual models of the apps, and the user interface is sorted as well. An additional feature is easy integration with a third-party tool.

  1. Smooth sailing over changes

Things change, and this holds true for a business environment as well. It is best if you can adapt and make the jump to the new landscape. With Neutrinos’ low-code development platform, you can make changes to the app and adapt it to the chosen platform. And you can do this without complicated coding! Since you do not have to hire a professional to implement these changes, you save money as well.

  1. Automation is the key

Business owners might come up with new ideas on a daily basis, but they might not be able to execute or test them owing to the huge workload on their developers. Thanks to Neutrinos’ low-code development platform, they can put together a team that works on these new ideas, and build apps while the IT department focuses on other aspects of the business.

Since the governance process is automated (that is, development can happen without any front-end involvement from the IT team), the IT department can rest easy knowing the apps will help them with their day-to-day tasks and they can oversee things to ensure policies are being followed.

  1. More hits than misses

Since there are no developers involved in the mix, the team handling the low-code development platform can procure the brief from the customer and get cracking on developing the app. They can put together a mock-up app, work with the client to fix any deviations, and have the app up and running in no time.

Doing away with third-party consultants and software development teams, the business is ready to go live within a short time. This gives it a heads-up over the competitors and the opportunity to grab a big chunk of the market.

These aren’t the only advantages of the low-code development platform. There are more, such as increased productivity and faster ROI. So, if you have been toying with the idea of switching to the low-code development platform, it’s time to make that leap.

If you wish to know more, get in touch with us. We would be happy to collaborate with you or answer any queries you may have.

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